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TenonCam is a complete manufacturing system that includes libraries full of cabinets and accessories.  The images above show actual kitchens that were designed and manufactured using the TenonCam system.  It requires virtually no setup and is easy to use.  The system includes the TenonCam software and works with unique patented router bits.  If you want to increase production, lower manufacturing costs and improve the quality of your products, all at the same time, then TenonCam is for you.

All interacting surfaces of the joint are index cut, leaving any variable in the thickness of material to harmlessly alter the interior case dimension.

The unique design of the patented TenonCam router bits eliminate tear out while working at minimal part spacing in the nest.

The mortise and tenon joint provides for maximum glue surface area.  All machining is completed in the nest, eliminating the need for secondary operations (except for flipping some single partitions).  The assembled product can be screwed, clamped or nailed.

All parts and joints are indexed by location and sized for thickness as required to insure fast, easy, one-way-only fits, resulting in reduced assembly time and fewer mistakes.

All cabinets in the TenonCam catalogs have built in intelligence, that enables the mortise and tenon style joinery - even when they are stretched!  That includes an assortment of most common corner and appliance cabinets.

Look what TenonCam brings to your shop:

  • Turn-Key System for CNC Nested Based Cabinet Manufacturing
  • Works with Frameless and Face Frame cabinet construction
  • Cabinet Body Mortise and Tenon Joints are machined in the nest with specialized tooling (patent pending)
  • Construction boring for #6 x 1 3/4 inch assembly screws (switched on/off)
  • Backs are sized for thickness and set into Dado Joints
  • All joints handle material thickness variations automatically
  • Eliminates the need to measure and then enter thickness variations into the material catalog
  • Tenon shoulders control the cabinet body interior opening sizes (Accuride drawer guides install without shimming or shaving)
  • Bores only the required number of adjustable shelf holes
  • Guide boring for Blum Tandem, 230, 430 and MetaBox Accuride 3832
  • Notches drawer box back for Blum Tandem guides
  • Boring for Concealed Hinge System Screws (switched on/off)
  • Drawer and roll-out tray bodies with Mortise and Tenon joints
  • Drawer and roll-out tray bottoms are sized for thickness and set into
    Dado joints
  • Detached Mortise and Tenon Toe Boards with 45 and 22 1/2 degree miters machined in the nest. Toe Board height can be adjusted for finished floor thickness
  • Also available - Attached Toe Boards with Mortise and Tenon joints machined
    in the nest
  • Custom programming written specifically to control TenonCam routing operations
  • Operates in conjunction with the Wood Industries' most popular Software Packages
  • Reduces part identification, handling, cutting and machining time over conventional methods, used to create the same joinery, by up to 80% (one man, one day, instead of five)
  • Mortise and Tenon joints locate the cabinet parts hole borings locate the hardware and construction screws the TenonCam system can reduce assembly time by as much as 50%

TenonCam - CNC System

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