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Working with TenonCam has been a rare instance where we actually got more than we expected!  The TenonCam construction system is superior to any other we've contemplated, and we're doing it all on a flat table router!  TenonCam has saved us tens of thousands in equipment, training and finishing costs. TenonCam represents the best quality and strongest cabinet construction, giving the biggest return on investment.  I would recommend TenonCam to anyone.

Tim Dwyer, President
Old School Carpentry, Florida

I would like to take the time to tell all Cabinet Vision users about the benefits of TenonCam.

We were beyond frustration with the standard Dowel and Dado construction methods provided. We went through four Software Companies and three version of Cabinet Vision before we finally found the real deal. I cannot believe how good TenonCam works within Cabinet Vision. Cabinet Vision is great software, but TenonCam just takes it to the next level.

We have been using TenonCam for two months, and after one more job, we should have it paid for. Our guys on the floor have said that it is the best business decision we have made in a long time. TenonCam cuts faster, and is much simpler to use than anything else on the market.

TenonCam was developed by actual cabinet makers, who use the system daily. They care about our industry and the people in it, and that makes the difference. They immediately understood our needs and questions. From installation to training, they went out of their way to satisfy us. The TenonCam team is really amazing and they guarantee that it will work, or you get your money back. You will be surprised at how well it performs and where it can take your company.

TenonCam is virtually a flawless CNC System that you can count on!

Trevor Haar, President
Pyramid Cabinet Shop, Montana

TenonCam got us into production very quickly; it’s the greatest short cut I have ever taken in my life. The structural strength of the Mortise and Tenon joint is second to none. TenonCam has eliminated the wasted time and struggle of trying to work with parts that don’t fit due to inconsistencies in material thicknesses. Cabinet assembly has become brainless and so much faster than any other construction method we’ve used. Another TenonCam plus is the ability to machine mitered toe kicks in the nest; this has decreased labor costs, improved material yield and given our cabinets a superior finished appearance. I can’t imagine where we’d be today without TenonCam.

Alex Bain, President
Bain Kitchen Crafters, California

I just wanted to comment on how well TenonCam is working for us.

In the past, we used a beam saw to cut our parts and a point-to-point machining center to mill them. Since we up-graded our cutting / milling department in 2007 to a flat table router, using TenonCam with Cabinet Vision, life couldn’t be any better. We are now saving about ten man-hours on a standard size kitchen, and that’s just in cutting / milling alone. In addition, we have eliminated the time and hassle of dowel insertion. We are also saving time in our assembly department.

I honestly feel like we’ve won the lottery with the changes we’ve made. Think of the efficiency this system offers: You cut and mill the parts in one operation, edge band them and then assemble. No other operations or handling. How simple is that! TenonCam is the greatest invention since sliced bread.

Thanks for the time and dedication it took to develop the TenonCam - CNC System!

Drew Tolmie, President
Kitchens & More Northwest, Oregon

It’s great having everything done in the nest, without secondary operations, and we don’t have to tweak or add operations like we used to. It’s all there and it’s all correct. TenonCam has also reduced our paperwork and virtually eliminated the constant questions that we used to get from the shop floor. The nested mortise and tenon drawer boxes are the fastest, strongest, easiest drawer boxes we have ever built. Much better than the doweled drawer boxes we built before. We were really surprised by how long the TenonCam bits last. The tool life has greatly exceeded our expectations.

Donald Holcomb, President
DH Squared Construction LLC, Hawaii

We have been using TenonCam for about a year and we love the software and tooling. I cannot say enough good things about TenonCam. By using Cabinet Vision in combination with TenonCam, we have supercharged our CNC woodworking capabilities. TenonCam is a great system!

Keith Kreppein, President
Olde Saratoga Millwork, New York

All I can say is Wow! TenonCam has eliminated all of our previous manufacturing problems and then some. Our assembly area now runs very smoothly. We have needed almost no support, but when we have, TenonCam has been readily available. Whether you’re new to CNC Manufacturing or a seasoned veteran, I would highly recommend the purchase of TenonCam. Thanks TenonCam – Pacific Cabinetry.

Kevin Karg, Partner
Pacific Cabinetry, California

TenonCam has helped in many ways. Right off the bat I liked the way everything was completely setup. It all worked. The cabinets snap together like Lego blocks and are much more efficient to build. Customers recognize the quality of the mortise and tenon joint, which makes it easier to sell jobs. TenonCam has greatly reduced waste and production time. The thing that has impressed me the most is the strength of the TenonCam joint. It is definitely the strongest joint of any method I’ve ever tried. Also, we have found TenonCam customer service to be second to none.

Pat Rasmussen, President
True Design Custom Cabinets, Tennessee

I would like to thank TenonCam for being a life preserver.  I went from overwhelmed to relaxed and comfortable after one conversation about this CNC manufacturing system.  TenonCam has turned our CNC Router into a fine craftsman.

Art Schiele, President
Imperial Custom Cabinets, California

I appreciate the quick service.  When I called, I did not even imagine my request would be something your crew could address that very day. It is a good testimonial to your companies' interest in the success of others.  I am sure I could have winged the presentation with a similar box, however, it was better to have them sign off on the box we intended to deliver.  We would welcome you to use this note and our reference to your future TenonCam customers.

Michael Paul, President
Swan Creek Cabinet Company, Iowa

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